Basic Principles- Homeopathy is based on the “ SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR” or “ LET LIKE BE CURED BY LIKE”. The German physician CFS Hahnemann (1755-1843) who is called the father of Homeopathy and the term “ Homeopathy” derives from Greek word “ Homoios” means Similar and “ Pathos” means Suffering . So, the literal translation of Homeopathy would be “Similar Suffering”. It was also by Hahnemann who introduced the term “ Allopathy” meaning a therapy governed by rules different from (Greek word, Allos= different)

This differentiation is still present to treat the patient. Homeopathy does not claim to be the one and only or the most effective therapy. It depends which , when the case will be considered under Homeopathy or Allopathy to treat as effective and efficient way.






Dr. Christian Fredrich Samuel Hahnemann founded the Homeopathy in the early 19th century, based upon the principle “like cures like”. Homeopathy works to accelerate optional health for the whole individual level like physical, mental and emotional.

Keeping relation with those who maintain the same principle of nature and of natural cure, found in other ancient therapeutics. Homeopathy looks for to re-balance both physical and mental emotional harmony through the administration of the most specific designed remedies to boost up the body’s own natural immune system and allow healing process to happen originally from upwards to downwards, inwards to outwards. Be satisfied to homeopathic treatment, Indian great leader named Mahatma Gandhi stated “homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment”

Moreover, Dr. Charles Frederick Menninger, founded of Menninger Clinic, stated “Homeopathy is whole capable of satisfying the therapeutic demands from all ages better than any other system or school of medicine

Homeopathy not only treats the patients but also evaluates the diseases .On the other hands , Conventional(Allopathy) medicine only treats the diseases which finally causes side effects. Homeopathy regards the healthy individual as a balanced system, i.e. if the body falls ill, the balance has been disturbed .It tries to stimulate the body to restore the balance on its own, like stimulates the body’s defensive powers and activates the body’s capability to react ,regulate ,adapt and restore on a natural basis.


In acute diseases, Homeopathy is an effective therapy i.e.- just stimulates the own body immune system and then healing occurs like – cold , flu, headache , gastro-intestinal disturbance etc.

But ,in terms of chronic diseases, it is very successful like- hay fever, malarial fever, neurodermatitis, chronic inflammatory intestinal diseases, rheumatic diseases and lumbar disorders, sciatic pain, breast tumors, warts, asthma(primary stage), DM etc.


If the self-healing power of the body is blocked or which have been induced by a missing substance , Homeopathic medicine has a limit to treat this complex situation . So, Homeopathy is a therapy that aims to stimulate and regulate a body system which is capable of responding to stimuli when all the necessary body substances are present.


Homeopathic medicine is made by two ways—

1. Triturations – for solid and insoluble materials. The material is ground with lactose(like 1x-200x) .

2. Potentization- for soluble materials into mother tincture which is then diluted step by step with mixture of ethanol and water.

• C potencies representing a ratio of 1:100

We prepare Homeopathic medicine in the following three ratios :

• D(or X)potencies representing a ratio of 1:10

• C potencies representing a ratio of 1:100

• LM potencies representing a ratio of 1:50,000

The disease is the result of some derangement of our vital force which is seeking energy for boasting up its own power to defeat the disease. Therefore, a Homeopathic selective medicine is the only way to bring about a true and lasting cure which exists on the identical plane and contains those same properties as that vital force which has become compromised.

As the vital force knows / aware of its own weakness and accompanying symptoms which manifest and result from that derangement, once strengthened with Homeopathic remedies only the vital force itself can initiate and bring about a speedy return to complete health on all levels.

Over two hundreds year, Homeopathic treatment is developed as an individualized & precise science. It has helped millions of people experience relief and cure of their maladies. Homeopathy acts as the same universal principles of healing found in all other ancient Therapist Systems.

During taking Homeopathic medication, your body organ will ne to purge itself of in balance, toxins and accumulated medical suppression that it has been subjected to over the years. Your life / vital force is the energy seeker which is stimulated by the Homeopathic remedy. Thus healthier vital force in turn is the agent which knows what needs to be corrected in year organism and thus promotes the cure.

To achieve the accurate result in Homeopathy within a short time, a Homeopath has to work in a clear way and should have accurate object observation. When you consult with a Homeopath for yourself or another adult or another child, the quality of your impartial observation regarding the reporting of symptoms are crucial in allowing the practitioner to fully comprehend the exact nature of the problem.

You (pt) should not exaggerate the symptoms or do not guess what the symptom is like if there is high temperature, do not say it feels like 104F, use a thermometer. In all instances / circumstances, precision and accuracy will be mandatory where as drama, hysteria and self diagnosis, exaggerate the symptoms will always server as obstacles to treatment.